V SIM, SpeedFusion, Internet WAN monitoring, DATA use monitoring and GEO fencing all assist Twenty-47 in optimizing onboard internet data connections.

Unlike a fixed location ashore where the internet is a constant speed, a yacht has to contend with many variants when it comes to internet connectivity.

When guests are on board these demands are significantly increased, and time for resolution is of the utmost importance.

Our back end systems are collating data and alerting us of any inconsistencies, allowing us the ability to optimise your data connections in real time. Monitoring of Cellular WANs, VSAT connections, SpeedFusion tunnels and carrier throughput ensure the best reliability and speeds are attained.

Remote WAN

Twenty 47 will maintain remote monitoring of onboard infra-structure. Examples of information gathered are;
  • Internet (WAN) up/down events
  • cellular signal strength in real time
  • GPS location, data throughput
  • individual user usage
  • device online/offline history
  • onboard network health
  • server status
  • wifi status
  • network switch status
  • etc.
We do not monitor or collate information such as browsing history and cookies. All data is transferred via secure encrypted VPN and stored in secure servers under our own physical ownership.

Data use

Monitoring of data usage depending on operational status of the vessel to ensure the vessel does not exceed set limits.

We will offer advice on alternative options if additional data is required.

Onboard network health:

Monitoring of all network infra-structure devices such as Routers, Network Switches, Wireless Access Points, Servers and Audiovisual devices ensures the onboard network is fully operational at all times.

Ultimately, we are able to ensure end to end data transmission functions reliably and flawlessly by monitoring connections between our data centre all the way to the end users device (data content is not visible to us).